Why Most Physical Therapy Ads Do Not Work

Over 80% of all ads produced by physical therapy clinics do not work. It can be very frustrating when you waste money, energy and time. Find out why most physical therapy ads don’t work and what you can do differently to start getting different results.


Start doing it differently and get different results! There are campaigns for all types of specialties such as peds, hand therapists, neuro and outpatient ortho. Learn more in our members area.

About the Author James Ko

As a physical therapist in private practice, James intimately relates to his clients. Personally having worked with over 800 clinics during the past 15 years, he deeply understands what it's like to be in the trenches of US healthcare. A valuable truth he's learned during the last 15 years is that "a business doesn't become successful but rather the person does then the business follows."

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