Why Our Hosting Package?

It does make a difference where your site is hosted. If you don’t believe me, talk to others who’ve had their website hacked or get low speed scores (which hurts user experience).

You have several options when it comes to hosting your website but here’s why you will want to stay with IndeFree:

  1. Backups
    We backup your site every day so if there are ever any problems we can restore it quickly.
  2. Prevent being hacked
    Our top level protection prevents you from being hacked. Does it really happen? Yes, just ask one of our customers who moved off our server to Godaddy only to get his site hacked. He then moved back to us. Contact him for more info http://pt2clinic.com.
  3. Faster performing website
    What that means is your users don’t have to wait for your site to load. We have Nginx and Varnish installed on our servers. Most cheaper hosting plans (less than $50/month), do not have these important plugins for faster websites. We give it to you FREE with our hosting. You can test your website at http://webpagetest.org
  4. Update your site’s themes, plugins, and more.
    If you don’t continually update your sites components it will break. Most hosting plans do not update your site for you. We do. It comes free with our hosting.
  5. Rank higher on search engines
    You can test your website at http://webpagetest.org. Compare to other sites. They won’t rank as fast. Your hosting does affect your speed.

READ THIS! The downsides of cheaper hosting:  http://www.wpbeginner.com/the-truth-about-shared-wordpress-web-hosting/