“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process required to enhance your website for maximum exposure and best ranking on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The process of SEO involves a complex and evolving set of strategies that must be implemented from both the client and the SEO experts. We help to take care of the complex technical and backend strategies required so that you can focus on the more simple front end actions such as social media account setup, article writing, etc.

Here at IndeFree, we have 4 levels to search engine optimization. See prices* and descriptions of each level below. This is an optional service and separate from website design, development and hosting fees. Prices vary for each level and you have the option of choosing how much exposure you desire. *Prices are subject to change anytime without notice.

Basic ($2,000)

  • Website structure optimization
  • Coding optimization
  • Performance enhancement for mobile and desktop
  • Speed enhancement for mobile and desktop
  • SEO settings optimized
  • Sitemap creation and optimization
  • Nginx and Varnish for turbo-charge
  • Social media account connection to site
  • Site title and description setup
  • Theme and plugin updates
  • Malware and anti-hacking safeguards
  • SSL enabled capabilities
  • Page caching setup
  • Browser caching setup
  • Keyword optimization for main global site

Each of the above components are included with the basic package. Some items require input from the client to complete. Without timely response or input, we may be unable to complete that particular step which may or may not affect overall ranking results. After 30 days, we consider the work complete and project closed. Any request for work will require a fee based on the work requested. Fee is on an hourly basis with a one-hour minimum.

Intermediate ($3,000)

This level includes all the above along with:

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network) setup.
  • Google Plus account optimization
  • Google Branding account optimization
  • Google connection
  • Social media account optimization.
  • Review of content optimization
  • Category optimization

Advanced ($4,000)

This level includes all the above along with:

  • Backlink optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Multiple keyword optimization

Elite Level ($7,000)

This level includes all the above along with:

  • Strategic advanced keyword optimization
  • Content, creation, strategy with optimization
  • Branding optimization
  • Authorship setup and optimization across the www

SEO algorithms can change from time to time so it’s important to address all the multi-faceted variables such as adding relevant content, pursuing quality backlinks, regular activity on the site, maximizing bounce rate levels, etc. Many of these activities are the responsibility of the client since they know their services and profession best. If you wish to have us assist in content creation, there will be additional charges for that service since it will require the involvement of a professional with expertise in your particular profession. In all SEO efforts, the participation of the client and IndeFree is essential for maximum success. We provide videos that make it easy for clients to follow and understand how to perform these actions that optimize their search engine optimization results.

If you currently have a website and want to know if it’s setup properly for optimal search engine optimization, contact us for a review and analysis. Without a properly constructed website, your chances of ranking on Google is impossible. Start getting more traffic and patients today!

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