cPanel Access

Most web hosting services put your website on the same account with thousands of other sites. This can hurt you.

You don’t know what these other sites are doing and how they use their site. If they get blacklisted, it hurts you. If they get hacked, it hurts you.

We give you your very own account at the price most charge for their “Shared Hosting.”

It’s kinda like sleeping in a luxury hotel suite all to yourself versus sleeping at a hostel with tons of other people sharing one bathroom. Yet we only charge you for the price of the hostel. No joke. ¬†Learn more about our hosting here>>>

One of the many benefits of having your own account is…you can get cPanel access to your site. That means you can manage all the aspects of your hosting and get access to:

  • Zone Editor (A record, Cname, MX, and more)
  • Email (add accounts, delete, suspend, and more)
  • File Manager
  • FTP Accounts
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Add Subdomains
  • And a host of other specialized Apps

If you want cPanel access to your site, click below…

All you have to do is pay a small one-time fee and agree to the terms and conditions and you’re all set! Easy!