Vinyl Lettering Installation Instructions

Installing Vinyl Lettering on a window or vehicle is a simple process. Your Vinyl Lettering will arrive pre-spaced and backed with transfer paper for an effortless installation. We are providing you with the following Vinyl Lettering guidelines to ensure that your lettering is properly attached and will last for a very long time, continuing to look extraordinary.
vinyl lettering installation supplies

Tools Needed:

Glass cleaner, paper towels, masking tape, squeegee, Exact-o knife or scissors.


Using glass cleaner, thoroughly clean the windows and allow to completely dry. For best results, we recommend outside temperatures be over 65˚F with low humidity. Read instructions thoroughly. Dry installation only.


the layers of vinyl lettering

Your Lettering Will Arrive With Three Layers:

  1. The top layer is masking tape, which holds the letters in place for easy installation.
  2. The middle layer is the Vinyl Lettering.
  3. The bottom layer is the white wax paper backing, which protects the Vinyl Lettering and the adhesive.


vinyl lettering installation step 1

Step 1

Place the lettering on a clean, flat surface with the white wax paper backing facing you. Run a squeegee over the wax backing with even pressure to secure the lettering to the masking tape.


vinyl lettering installation step 2

Step 2

Using a tape measure, measure your surface area to find the center point or desired location for installation.


vinyl lettering installation step 3

Step 3

Place the lettering sheet against the surface, with the masking tape facing you and the backing still on. Place a strip of masking tape down the center (between the letters if possible). Secure with tape in all four corners.



vinyl lettering installation step 4

Step 4

Choose one side and remove the corner tape. Gently and slowly pull away the backing at a 45˚ angle to prevent stretching or tearing. Stop when you reach the center tape line. Have a second person hold the exposed film as you use the razor blade to remove the loose paper backing.


Tip: If you do not have a razor blade, tear the top of the backing and pull it straight down, making as clean a tear as possible.

vinyl lettering installation step 5

Step 5

Carefully place the exposed lettering against the surface and squeegee firmly in both vertical and horizontal directions, starting from the center and working outward. The squeegee should stay in direct contact with the surface of the vinyl as much as possible in order to prevent air bubbles.



vinyl lettering installation step 6

Step 6

Once the first half is installed, remove all of the masking tape that you used to secure the material to the window. Lift the uninstalled material and slowly pull away the remaining backing at a 45˚ angle.



vinyl lettering installation step 7

Step 7

Firmly apply the remaining lettering. Squeegee over the entire decal in both vertical and horizontal directions.


vinyl lettering installation step 8

Step 8

When finished, very gently peel away the top layer of masking tape at a 45˚ angle. Removing the masking tape too quickly can damage the material.



installed vinyl lettering

Step 9

You’re done! Once the installation is complete, all that should remain is your custom Vinyl Lettering.


removing bubbles in vinyl lettering

Perfecting Your Vinyl Lettering:

Most air bubbles can be pushed towards the edge and outwards. If any air bubbles remain, an Exact-o knife (or any object with a sharp point) can be used to gently punch a hole in the bubble to release the air. Gently press down with your finger. Full cure time is 4 to 8 days. Do not use any cleaning products on the surface until the lettering has completely cured.

Voila, your’e all done and ready to start attracting more patients!