Website Features

All our sites come with 12-months of FREE hosting, so you never pay any extra hidden fees! After 12-months it will only cost you $7.95 per month if you are an active IndeFree member*

General Features

  1. Up to 15 pages. Designed but you can create unlimited pages! This is typically enough for most practices. If you want us to create/design more, we can add more pages at just $49 per page.
  2. Up to 20 email boxes. Your email boxes come with 250MB of storage space which is plenty. You can also channel your email to Outlook, Google Gmail, or any other box.
  3. Blogging system made EASY! You can post blogs easily on your own which helps for better ranking on search engines. You also get a free membership to Therapy Article World where you can get blog articles and post to your blog for free!
  4. Upload pictures, video, and more. Making quick changes to your site is easy, free, and instantaneous! Your site will look gorgeous and professional—Make it look any way you want it to look.


  1. Focus group tested by real live patients! This will not be a pretty ordinary website but rather a tool that helps your practice grow. It’s tested and proven to gain more patients!
  2. Mobile Ready & Beautiful. The future is in mobile internet. That’s where most people are viewing websites today. And your site will have you standing out above your competition. Viewing on mobile is simply beautiful! And geared to get people calling or coming in!
  3. Contact Us form. Patients can easily send you a message, request an appointment, or even apply for a job position online! This is a bonus not usually provided with most websites but it comes free with an IndeFree site!


  1. Backup System. You can sleep easy at night knowing that your site is always safe and secure. Should anything ever go wrong, we can easily restore it from the backup that’s saved. So go ahead and mess around with your site, if anything goes wrong, you are covered!
  2. Social Media Ready. All our sites come with modules to make it easy to promote yourself with all the social media outlets. This helps your ranking on search engines, more than you know. But it also helps your business grow as others share you with their friends and family.

Optional (extra cost applies)

Get ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and more! Our sites are geared to be search engine optimized and we give you videos that show you how to make it even more visible on search engines but if you have a lot of competition around you and find it a struggle to rank better then them, we can help take you to the next level and leave your competition in the dust! For a small fee you can be the number 1 practice in your area!


How are your sites so beautiful, tested, but yet so affordable?

  • (Answer) We are a service to our industry and profession NOT to make a buck. We know there are a lot of companies that are just trying to profit so they give you minimum and charge you maximum. Our sites bring a return on your investment, guaranteed!

Are there any other “hidden” charges later?

  • (Answer) Absolutely not. For 12 months you get free hosting. After that it’s only $7.95 per month*. If you ever need help we only charge you $59 per hour. Most things are accomplished within one hour.

How much is it to make changes on my website?

  • (Answer) You can login to your site and make content changes, upload videos, pictures on your own! If you want us to do something for you it’s only $59/hour (one hour minimum) for IndeFree members.

What if I want to move my site, can I take it with me?

  • (Answer) Yes. We do regular backups so if you want to move your site or take it with you we can give you a the files. If you want us to move it for you, there will be a $59/hour charge. It usually takes about 2 hours if no complications arise.

What if I make changes to my site and cause errors?

  • (Answer) Don’t worry. We can restore your site to a version from an earlier date at any time. If errors arise, there will be a $59/hour charge to fix them. But restoring a site is pretty straight-forward ☺

*IndeFree membership is required for this special rate, otherwise it’s $11.95 per month. Includes Backups, SEO, Social Media Ready, Contact Us form.