Revolutionary New Pain Relief Technology Stops Chronic Pain and BOOSTS Performance

Are you tired of your pain holding you back from reaching your true potential?

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    Pain becomes chronic when it lasts for 3-months or more can make your body more susceptible to diseases such as cancer.
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    When we suffer from an injury or weakness, the mind sends pain signals to that area which leads to the body over compensating for the movement.
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    Identifying the root cause of the pain or injury allows you to target that specific problem and work directly on increasing strength and mobility, leading to pain relief and better function. 

Hi, I'm Zach Ray, PT. I've worked with adults and children struggling to overcome their pain, injury or weakness for years and am happy to see this new, revolutionary technology helping speed up healing and performance for those suffering. 


Physical Therapist, Sport Specific Trainer

Chronic Pain & Weight Loss Coach

Stop the Struggle and Start Feeling Pain Free 

When you suffer from a pain or aren't able to perform your best due to an injury it can really damage your self-esteem and confidence. It often will hurt other areas of your life such as social or work life as well. In order to really see improvement you must target the underlying problems that are contributing to the issue. When there is a pain or injury the body will compensate for the lack of movement and function which will create fault lines in the body. These fault lines are weakness or tightness of the muscles, tendons or ligaments. 

Normal exercises, heat and ice, over the counter medications merely mask the issue. This can lead to chronic pain and a slow recovery. 

Who is right for this program?

  • If you have tried various approaches to healing but can't find the results they seek.
  • If you have been told and accepted that your problem will not get better.
  • If you are looking to drastically increase performance or healing. 
  • If you have a specific health-related goal in mind and are looking for an unique approach. 

Who should start immediately?

  • If your pain has last 3-months or longer
  • If you have just had an injury or surgery and looking to speed up healing
  • If you are not able to go very long without taking a pain medication

Traditional treatments that most try but are not as effective include: Heat and ice, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, and generic exercises (Youtube)

If left untreated, "Chronic Pain" can lead to cancer or other disease.

Chronic pain can lead to a weakness in the immune system making it easier to contract other diseases such as cancer if left untreated. This happens because the body is worried about compensating for the injured part of the body and leaves it's defensives for other disease down. This technology can identify the weak areas of your body and target them helping to decrease chronic pain quickly.

How This Revolutionary,
New Pain Relief Technology Works:

Traditional medicine is geared towards treating pain, grouping similar injuries with similar protocols. The confusion lies in where you feel pain. Where you feel pain and what's causing it aren’t always the same. A common misconception is that your joints help you absorb force. So sure, you have pain at your knee, but the knee isn’t the issue.

The truth is, joints are simply hinges, and muscles are the only structures responsible for absorbing force. Muscles work via a series of neurological signals culminating in a movement pattern. Using the wrong movement pattern, a "compensatory pattern", usually leads to an issue larger than the original problem. 

  • The machine scans the body to identify the root cause of the pain, injury and weakness and analyzes the compensation patterns and underlying obstacles limiting the rate of healing. 
  • The science behind this technology fixes the problem at the neurological source. Using direct current electrical signals we attack the source of pain and mimic the body's natural neurological signals to induce proper movement and function.   
  • These signals are the correct signals that the weak or injured part of the body needs and we control the rate in which signals are sent. Starting at a lower load level, a corrective movement pattern is performed and as the body adapts the load is increased. 

DISCLAIMER: You may need to see an doctor or physical therapist to get an official treatment diagnosis.

How I Discovered this Solution

I discovered this revolutionary, new technology during my search to find a way to heal faster and perform better when injuries have kept me out of my sport. I wanted to help other people find a true, all-natural way to tap into the true cause of their pain, injury or weakness and attack it from the true source getting them back to living life pain free, faster. 

I discovered this solution while working with over 2,000 adults and adolescents who suffered from pain, injury or weakness. As I treated the root cause of their problem with this treatment their pain stopped, their strength and endurance increased and their confidence and happiness increased.

I did some research and discovered that if the root cause of a pain isn't addressed the chances of it becoming a chronic issue is possible. 

In case you were wondering, it’s all-natural. No drugs. No Injections. No Surgery. 

This discovery has led to a dramatic increase in how fast my clients got better. They were able to get back on the field faster, participate in physical activities that they once had trouble with, throw a ball with more accuracy. They were able to get back to living their life, pain-free again.  

Not all treatments are the same.

You can choose to treat the pain, or you can choose to treat the source of the pain. This technology simply allows us to find and correct the true source of the pain, injury or weakness and unleash the body's own healing potential. Most well meaning doctors will give you generic exercises that treat the pain but don't address the true root cause. 

This technology is high unique. We focus on fixing the true cause of your pain or injury by first identifying where the body is over compensating, fixing the compensation patterns and strengthening the weak areas to get maximum results. My years of experience and research has led to the discovery of this revolutionary new way to relieve pain and BOOST performance.

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  • How Quickly Will I See Results?

    1. Most people feel results after the first session.
    2. Most see exceptional results after 6 sessions. 
    3. Most see significant improvements when done when followed by the training recommendations.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Because there are so many people who I believe need access to this vital technology, I have made it so affordable for you or your child to get started with this true pain relief program. You don’t need insurance or pay thousands of dollars. It's a simple one-time payment, no monthly bills, and it costs less than a dinner at a restaurant!

    What's my NEXT STEP? 

    Boost Pain Relief & Performance Training

    As you can imagine there are a lot of people wanting to start using this amazing pain relief technology. But due to my limited availability, I only have a few spots available at any given time. That is why I created this amazing online offer. It’s only for those serious about improving their pain and performance.

    What People Are Saying About Our Solution

    "I have had a shoulder injury that bothered me through all of high school and college while competing in baseball. After years of attempting to fix the issue, I thought that I would just have to live with a bum shoulder.

    It all changed when Zach introduced me to the Boost and its magic-like ability to heal. My shoulder felt better immediately after the first session, and progress continued to build off the first session. Within no time, I had a strong shoulder free of the chronic pain of my past." - Jordan, 20

    Get your 1st Session Free if you call within the next 45-Minutes

    This is a limited time offer to those who are serious about fixing this problem.*

    Zach Ray, PT

    Owner Live Athletics

    About the Author

    My name is Zach Ray and I am a licensed physical therapist that specializes in chronic pain and sports related conditions. I’m have a special interest in helping those struggling pain, injury or weakness. Helping others improve their strength, performance and endurance is my passion. 

    Why You Shouldn't Wait

    If it doesn’t work, then you haven't lost anything. There’s no risk. The first session is free and.

    Even if you tried other treatments before, this is guaranteed to work. So, if you heat and ice, massage, chiropractor, acupuncture, and generic exercises (Youtube) without success, you owe it to yourself to try this.

    What's Included in the Free Session

    • One comprehensive exam with a licensed PT that will identify the root cause of your pain, injury or weakness 
    • A session using the BOOST Pain Relief Technology
    • Support from a licensed physical therapist that will help you further your recovery 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will this really help my performance?

    What if I have tried other pain relief treatments before?

    How long have you been treating this?

    ​Can I contact you directly if I have questions?

    How fast will I see results?

    P.S.: I won't have this free offer up very long. This is a limited time offer to those who are serious about fixing this problem. If you are ready to see yourself or your child start improving in sports or be free from pain, sign up now.

    Yes, I want to start for free today!

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