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What are prospective patients wanting to see on your website?

What are people looking for? People suffering from pain and are looking for a solution, not just a pretty website. It’s critical you have the right items, that your unique customer base is looking for, that engages your viewers. You have 9-seconds to do it (the average time a visitor stays on a site) so make it count. […]

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Why doesn’t my website show up on Google? 

The top 3 most likely reasons are: You are not updating your website with fresh new content on a regular basis. Posting blogs is the easiest way to get your website ranking higher and adding value to people visiting your site. Your website is not “optimized” for Google and other search engines like Bing and […]

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Make Changes to Your Website On Your Own!

Don’t wait for a webmaster to do the work for you. It’s not that hard especially when you have step by step tutorials like we do in our members area. Take control of your website! We give our clients control over their website. You can add/change/edit content, pictures, videos, pages, whatever you want, instantly and […]

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